Helping those who want to get involved in the realm of Augmented Reality using both Google Project Tango and its C/C++ API.

Who is this for?

  • Right now this is for the person who wants to get into Project Tango via the C/C++ API and found there was NO documentation anywhere else other then the official documentation (seriously, this repo was started out of frustration). The goal is to save you at least an hour of your life where we wasted five hours trying to find these simple answers.

Project Tango

  • Project Tango is your best options to use true augmented reality technology with a platform that many people have (Android). The support for Tango on smartphones is slowly rolling out and a great way to make AR applications that many people can use.

Did you see something wrong?

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE correct it! I am no expert by any means and I am just trying to help with what I can. I would LOVE this to become a community built guide!


  • Working with Tango for a while we find working with it comes down to knowing 3 major components:
    1. Android NDK
    2. Graphics (OpenGL ES)
    3. Tango API
  • Since some people are coming into this knowing none and some just want to learn to use the Tango API, we divided the book into 3 Sections which consist of its internal chapters.
    • A Glossary is also added to help with all the fun buzz words you will come across
  • For those who want help setting up we also create a Stating a Project Section to help you start your own application

Table of Content